Our expertise

Our creative solutions



We take your brand to the media spotlights, meeting your specific needs from classic to tailor-made integrated campaigns.

We give you a VIP access to our editorial teams to create the perfect “story” that we adapt locally for each country.

We help you increase in efficiency, saving on both time and resources.

We offer

A unique environment

  • Benefit from the recognized and rewarded quality of editorial
    in each ELLE edition.

  • Capitalize on inspirational and relevant content that engages audience
    across the whole ELLE network.

  • The ELLE touch: audacity, elegance, mix of styles, trend-setting and desire.

Customized service

  • 1 single point of contact to advertisers and agencies for sales,
    production and invoicing.

  • 360° campaigns coordination, from the initial brief to the launch and follow up, granting direct, centralized and simplified access
    to the ELLE International advertising solutions.

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