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Happy Days

For the second time, ELLE is proud to present the Happiness Index, a global project launched across all of ELLE worldwide. Not 1, not 2, but over 40 countries within the ELLE network offered the online survey, asking participants to reflect on their idea of happiness and their vision of women’s place in society. The Happiness Index is now becoming a sustainable survey, a real barometer on women’s happiness around the world, which will be now conducted with the IFOP institute on a regular basis.

More than just a survey, ELLE created the Happiness Index in order to collect information on and evaluate the situation of women around the world, as well as allowing readers to reflect on their own personal situation. With over 24,000 responses counted from previous editions, the Happiness Index is no doubt a global initiative to be proud of, reinforcing ELLE’s mission of commitment towards women. ELLE conducted the survey positioning women’s feelings on contentment against factors such as equality between sexes, career success, societal pressure and personal confidence.

Stay tuned for the results to be published soon on each edition’s website!

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