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Everyone comes from everywhere. We all have roots from all over the world. Refugees are no different.

That’s the vital message of the ELLE Foundation’s #Toutesdailleurs project this November.   

With huge presence across all social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, blogs and Youtube) and a dedicated spread highlighting the refugee crisis in the 25th November issue of ELLE France, ELLE stands in solidarity with the refugees in France with #Toutesdailleurs. 

This issue features the moving accounts and stories from 12 notable French women from all corners of society, all with proud multicultural backgrounds. Read about their knowledge and experiences of the refugee crisis in France as they help the ELLE Foundation to spread the important messages of hope, positivity, involvement and cultural enrichment during this crisis.  

Share posts on Facebook, join in discussions on blogs, tweet messages of support. The ELLE Foundation invites and strongly encourages everyone to get involved with this important cause using the campaign’s hashtag #Toutesdailleurs, meaning “We are all from everywhere.” Harnessing the power of social media, the ELLE Foundation continues to reinstate its mission for equality and justice. #Toutesdailleurs is proof that through words and photos, we can make a difference #toutesensemble for the refugees in France.

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